Male or female, I’m certain you’ve had dozens of “male enhancement” advertisements appear in your inbox, junk mail, or popup assaults.

These promises of “bigger, better, longer” exploded through the connectivity and anonymity of the internet – targeting male insecurities about penis size like women are targeted about their weight, breasts, nose size.

One of these “natural and reliable” promises is jelqing.

Let’s look at what it is, how it’s done, and if it really works…


Jelqing (pronounced: jel-king) is a natural penis enlargement technique with roots based in the ancient Middle East.

The basic idea is to stroke your penis to increase blood flow to the tip, which can (supposedly) correct angles, weak sides, as well as improve girth and length by


Here’s where we get into the controversial side of the topic.

A. Some people swear on their mother’s grave that it works, and you can gain some noticeable differences – things like 10% longer and 7% girthier etc.

B. The other camp says that it does NOT work and can be dangerous to the male member.

C. Then there are those in the middle that says it will NOT give you length, but you will end up with better girth, stronger erections, and improved blood flow.

What no one can argue is that there is no actual scientific evidence to support this – only anecdotal. It’s similar to a Chinese craze that says papaya will make your boobs bigger – every woman that tries it, swears it works and YOU should do it too.


  • Warm up your penis with a hot shower, heating pad, warm washcloth etc.
  • Have a semi-flaccid penis (around 50-70%)
  • Add water-based lube (for fluid stroking)
  • Make an “OK” sign with your pointer finger and thumb
  • Wrap that O around your penis at the base
  • Aim your penis at a comfortable downwards angle
  • While squeezing gently, slowly push your hand to the tip of the penis
  • Repeat for 10-20 minutes, once a day, three times a week

Other tips I’ve seen:

  • Single strokes usually take around 3 seconds to complete
  • Don’t squeeze the glands or force blood into them
  • In general, don’t squeeze too hard
  • You can use one hand or interchange between two
  • Hold the base to avoid skin stretch
  • Never do it while fully erect
  • You’re not aiming to ejaculate
  • There should never be any kind of pain


If done correctly, you MIGHT have an increase in penis dimensions. You might not.


There is no argument that if you do things incorrectly, that you WILL hurt yourself.

CAPILLARY BREAKAGE – If you try to go to much or too fast, you could end up breaking small blood vessels and end up with red dots on your dick. They will heal and go away, but it’s something you want to avoid.

SOLUTION – If you’re training for a marathon, you don’t try ten miles on the first day when you can’t even run one mile. Initial sessions should be around 10 minutes, even shorter if you’re not comfortable. Graduate your training sessions slowly.

SKIN DONUTS – Apparently there is a chance of swelling around the glands that will go away after a few hours.

SOLUTION – Don’t stop mid-stroke. Make sure you complete each length to maintain “proper blood circulation.”

SCARS – So, yeah. Scars. Personally, I think this side effect is wishful thinking that “you’re going to be growing so enormous that your skin will stretch and scar” – However, if you’re seeing scars form, I would hazard it’s not from growth.

SOLUTION – Stop jelqing?


PENIS PUMPS – Using a penis pump before and/or after can supposedly improve your jelqing because it improves blood flow. And while penis pumps, do temporarily make the penis a bit bigger, I’m not sure if “pushing it to its blood flow limits” is wise.

STRETCHING – Sorry, I cringe at this one. It’s literally grabbing your penis by the gland and pulling up. Either that or wearing a “penis stretcher” overnight. I won’t go into more detail. If you REALLY want to know more, ask your doctor. A real one.

KEGEL EXERCISES – I’m 100% on board with this one! Why? They’ve already been medically proven to be beneficial.

Kegel exercises are done by flexing the muscles you would use to “stop peeing” (women can do them too).

They are great for improving bladder control, stopping male urinary dribble, and improving erection duration.

How? Do a Kegel flex then do a stroke, flex, stroke, flex stroke etc.


Men have their own social pressures that weigh down on them everyday, and penis size is one of the big ones. What men fail to realize is that large dicks aren’t all they are cracked up to be.

#1. Huge shlongs usually suffer from flaccidity problems. There’s just not enough blood to fill things properly and they end up with half-erections (which don’t impress during sex).

#2. Well-endowed men often have problems finding partners because their length often ends up hurting their partner (no one wants their cervix destroyed).

SIDE NOTE: “Size Queens” are usually limited to PORN. In real life, these ladies are a smaller percentage.

#3. Many men land within the “average” category (which is more than enough, if you know what you’re doing) but they see themselves as small – think of a woman who is slim but only sees herself as overweight.

#4. You don’t need an elephant-sized penis to please a woman.

Most women don’t reach orgasm though penetration anyway! If you really want to make her happy, learn how to target her g-spot or become a cunnilingus master!


While jelqing (if done properly) isn’t going to irreparably harm you, but there’s no real evidence that says it’s going to give you the results you crave.

You’d probably be better off with weight loss, kegels, and knowing what women really want.