Anal play is often intimidating for many couples. It’s true that it’s more complicated than vaginal fun but once you get accustomed to it, it would be a breezy affair. However, you can just straight hit the anal the moment you get under the sheets. There are certain preparations that are to be done before you plunge into anal play. It’s not like a chastity cage given as gift to you that you can easily utilize without proper preparations, so read on!

Things that you will need

  • Water-based lubricant
  • Butt plug
  • Vibrator
  • Tight clean gloves

Get the mindset

As mentioned previously, anal play may seem to be slightly scary initially. Now, once again, it’s not something scary if done right. Thus, the first task is to come out of these mental blockages. Check out videos on steamy anal play, read articles and gather information. It should be an educated and conscientious move from both of you. According to experts, you should only proceed once when you are fully prepared and excited mentally.

Clean yourself

Go to the washroom and poop off. You  don’t want to end up with a messy experience in the middle of anal sex. Take a hot shower as it will help to calm down the nerves.

Wait for strong arousal

You have to wait till both of you are fully aroused. Its claimed women take around 20 minutes to get aroused on an average. Men get aroused faster than women. The bottomline is both of you have to engage in long intense foreplay to arouse each other. When you are aroused, your mind and body are more prepared to plunge into bolder adventures.

Lube up

Unlike vagina, the anus can’t lubricate itself independently. Thus, you will need to use external lubricants to ensure a smooth backdoor fun. If you plan to use any kind of sex toy like butt plug or vibrator, you must lube it up as well. It’s better to use water-based lubricants as these are safe and works well with all kinds of sex toy materials. If you are using a toy mad of silicone, do not ever use silicone lubes. For the best convenience, take to a lubricants with pump top.

Start with slow fingering

Do not start with penis penetration or anal toys just like that. According to experts, you will always begin with gentle fingering. The sphincter muscles in your anus need stretching for a convenient anal play. Butt fingering will help a lot with the stretching here. Start with one finger first. But lubricate it well beforehand.  Then, push it gently into your anus. You will feel little discomfort in the beginning. But as you go on fingering, you will naturally come to ease. Once you are okay fingering with one finger, you can then, go for two fingers. See if you carry on with three fingers. But if you feel any pain or sharp stinging at any moment you must stop the whole thing immediately.

Take to anal toys

Once you are comfortable with anal fingering, you can then gradually shift to anal toys, but not those wild dildos and vibrators yet. A butt plug will be great to stretch the anal muscles and create a stimulating sensation. A vibrator will be an excellent tool as well for anal stretch and stimulation. When you will use vibrator, start with low vibration settings. The anal region is packed with super-sensitive nerves and low setting would be enough to stimulate the area at its peak.

Final words

After you are accustomed with anal toys, you can head for anal sex with your partner. Remember, it takes little time to prepare your body for anal fun. It’s not an overnight affair. So, be patient and go slow but steady.

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