So, we know why you’re here. You got curious about anal sex, and now you want to know what all the fuss is about. Maybe you’re eager to try it, but you’re worried something can go wrong. Perhaps you have been using other vaginal toys like dildos and healthy ben wa balls, and you want to explore the world of anal sex. Relax and let us guide you through some basics of anal. 

Let’s explore all the possibilities and options before you explore the act itself. Always keep in mind that anal sex is never uncomfortable when done correctly. Okay, maybe it can be the first few times. Of course, like all things new, it takes some getting used to. So let’s start!

Anal Sex Is Safe

Well, for the most part. If you do everything right, it’s most definitely safe. Practicing safe anal sex is all about preparation. Do some research. Find out how it works and what it entails. Anal is no “It just slipped!” kind of game because no, it can’t just slip in there. The anus is dry as the Sahara desert, so it can’t “just slip.” Thinking of going from inside the wet vagina to dry anus to fix that? A recipe for disaster.

Yes, like any other sexual act, anal comes with some potential risks. But practicing it safely is easier than you think. Let’s just say all the general rules of vaginal sex apply. It’s tight, so it needs to relax first. It has no lubrication, so it definitely needs some. Be patient with it. Anal isn’t something you can just get over with. It needs practice and patience.

The Importance of Preparation Before Doing Anal Sex

Let’s say you’re running a marathon. Can you just go and run it? Of course not. You can’t just do anal either.

Like with anything, prep work matters the most. When it comes to anal, the most important part of it is the conversation. Make sure you’re on the same page with your partner before you decide to bump nasties. Speaking of things being nasty, wondering if it’ll get messy is natural. To answer that — it could. But not if you prepare. See? It’s all in having a strategy.

Since the deep dark cave that is your behind has no water source, you’ll need lots of lube. Going in dry can cause a lot of pain and irritation, and this is a fun sex act. Let’s not ruin it. We want everything to function like a well-lubricated sex-machine. 

If you’re a true beginner that doesn’t know where to start, we recommend using an anal training kit. It basically includes butt plugs of different sizes that you can play with. Going from the smallest to the biggest will help a lot with your first anal experience. It can sound like a lot of prep, but remember, preparation is crucial. Then, when you get used to the sensation, you can gradually use wild dildos and vibrators during your anal play.

Risks of Anal Sex

Here’s a part that can make you worry, but that’s okay. It’s imperative to know all the risks before you go into something new. Besides, being careful lessens the risk of any of the following things happening.

Your anus can be injured or irritated. What we mean by that is do not go in dry! Tears and irritation can happen, and the anus can also bleed. Not fun. There’s also the risk of STIs or sexually transmitted infections. Gonorrhea, chlamydia, and herpes, just to name a few. Anal is also the riskiest way to have sex, and why is that? Both men and women can contract HIV more easily during butt play. 

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If someone has existing hemorrhoids, you could irritate those. And although it’s very uncommon, you can poke a hole in your partner’s colon. Suddenly it’s a murder scene. We’re not saying it’s THAT dangerous. But that can cause serious complications, you know.

Safety Precautions for Doing Anal Sex

Anal sex isn’t just a penis into vagina kind of play. You can use your fingers, sex toys, or someone’s tongue if they’re down. 

Even though feces are nowhere near the hole (unless it’s time to go), keep things clean. Bacteria live in your anus, just as they do in your vagina. You can make sure your behind is squeaky clean with a shower enema. Basically, it’s a hose attachment that goes onto your shower. It has a special head that helps you clean things up. Be very careful and don’t slip the head inside the anus, though. Water temperature and pressure can be too much for the delicate skin on the inside to handle. So yes, you can burn yourself this way. 

Just because it’s not a vagina, it doesn’t mean you don’t need a condom. Please use it. It lowers the risk of getting or giving infections or diseases. We want your first and every other time to be fun, safe, and pleasurable. Not scary. In case anal training kits aren’t your thing, there are other ways to start safely. Start with tongue or one finger, then slowly work your way up. Safety always comes first, so proceed carefully.

If Done Properly, Anal Orgasms Can Be Achieved

Did you know there are plenty of nerve endings in the anus? Stimulating them can make you feel all kinds of nice things. For some, simple anal play is a major turn-on, so it’s easy to reach orgasms this way. For men, anal play stimulates the prostate, which can give them enhanced orgasms. Don’t trust us? Try and see for yourself. Some women might need clit play or vaginal penetration to climax, though. But that’s okay. 

The goal of anal play isn’t necessarily orgasming. It’s having fun and exploring new ways to have sex. Orgasms are a bonus.


So what’s the takeaway? Anal sex is a lot of fun, but only when you do it correctly. Safety always needs to come first because things can go wrong very quickly. Always talk to your partner about whether or not they’re up to spice things up. Surprising them in the middle of other types of sex isn’t the way to go about it. 

Both parties need to feel comfortable and certain of their choices to explore. Is it going to end well otherwise? Not for the one on the receiving end, that’s for sure. However, set your worries aside and try something new.