When we first start flirting with the idea of anal play, we look up various sex toys. Many people get discouraged by the sheer volume of anal sex gadgets and not knowing the difference between them. Yes, we all know what dildos are and how you’re supposed to use them. But what about butt plugs and anal beads? How can you tell which one’s for you? In this article, we’ll try to solve your dilemma.

As is the case with butt plugs, anal beads are a great place to start your anal exploration. They are smaller in size compared to dildos, and they ease you into anal stimulation. Like plugs, you can use them to get your sphincter muscles to relax and accept the fact that you’re now a butt penetratee.

The thing is, both toys belong to the same family of toys in that they’re designed for anal play and are great for novices. There are even toys such as beaded butt plugs that combine the two, making it an anal bead plug that offers the best of both worlds. However, the main difference between the two is in the sensation that they cause. And this all comes from the difference in design.

Design of Anal Beads

If you don’t know what anal beads look like, try to imagine what they might be. Yep, that’s pretty much it: the name is very telling. As with jewelry, this toy contains a set of anal beads on a string. However, they usually sit together on a silicone wand. That way, they’re not independent of each other, and you can use them over and over again. 

While they’re not as movable as the ones on a string, silicone anal beads are still flexible. One toy can have several beads on it, and they start small and increase in size the further you go. It’s your choice to decide how large they become (you don’t have to put them all inside). As with the plugs, you should start smaller and work your way up to more challenging toys.

Another commonality is a flared base. That is extremely important for two reasons. Firstly, it makes it easier for you (or your partner) to pull the toy out. Secondly, unlike your urethra, your anal canal is pretty much a bottomless pit (not really, but imagine that it is). Without the flared base, you could easily get over-excited and lose the toy inside you. The flared base is like a cap for your butt that makes sure the toy doesn’t go too far to save you from an embarrassing trip to the E.R.

Difference in Use

Now that we’ve gone over the design let’s talk about the main difference: their usage. Butt plugs, as the name suggests, plug your butt. You put them inside and leave them there for an extended period. People usually use them during sex, but some go further and sleep with them or go to work plugged up. Anal beads can’t do that.

Unlike plugs, anal beads offer pleasure as you continuously insert and remove them from your butt. Variously sized beads and the wand they’re on allow us to stimulate several different spots at different speeds. 

The Sensation of Using Anal Beads

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The main source of pleasure with beads comes when you’re taking them out. The more you insert and remove them, the more you stretch your rectum. It is, after all, replete with nerve endings, and the stretching stimulates them, which, in turn, gives you a pleasurable sensation. If you time it right (during or right before having an orgasm), you’ll see a sky full of stars. That is especially true if you buy vibrating anal beads, which stimulate your body even further.

While tugging them out provides pleasure, make sure you don’t tug too fast on them, as that can cause you pain and damage. There’s a reason why every bead starts small and grows larger — you don’t have to put them all inside during your first tryout.

Finally, you can use anal beads on their own or incorporate them in your foreplay or actual sex. Anal beads are smaller in size than dildos, which means they are perfect for your first go at double penetration.

Materials Used

As we’ve already said, the wand that connects the beads can be of a nylon string. However, these deteriorate quickly, and you can use them only a few times. If you use such a toy (cotton string falls into this category as well), it’s not as safe. Apart from having difficulties cleaning it, the string can break in two, leaving some of the beads inside you.

As for other materials, it’s pretty much the same for both beads and butt plugs. You have porous and non-porous ones, with the latter being better. They are easy to clean, and you should clean your beads immediately after each use. You can clean them with soap and water, or submerge them into hot water to make them sterile. If you’re petty about it, you can even use a bit of bleach. Just make sure you clean it off entirely before another use.

As always, use lots and lots of lube to make the experience as painless as possible. You’re probably best off with silicone lube unless your toy itself is out of silicone. In that case, go for something else.

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