With the world facing unprecedented problems right now, it’s almost impossible to understand if and when we’re going to go back to our previous ways. The ongoing global pandemic that’s affected nearly everyone on Earth appears to have changed how we live, work, and hook up.

It seems crazy to think that everything we knew about society flipped in a few months, but that’s the harsh reality we need to face. The global economy is disintegrating as we speak, with millions of people losing their jobs and facing uncertainty. But how does this vicious virus affect dating?

Clear answers are sparse right now, but there are some guidelines we can follow and avoid getting infected by Covid-19. Dating tips are few and far between these days, so let’s make sure that meeting people and having a love life can be achievable. After all, harsh times call for even harsher matters.

It doesn’t take a medical or dating expert to tell us it isn’t safe sharing body fluids currently, so it’s clear dating sites (RELATED: Top Dating Sites for 2020)and apps will suffer in one way or another. But does this mean all online daters will need to back up? With these new restrictions, potential partners will have to think twice about seeing someone now. Any sort of touch, including kissing, can prove fatal.

Virtual Date

Even before this whole thing broke out, various online dating sites offered virtual date services. Allowing everyone to find the love of their life, these digital helpers considered that people don’t need physical contact to find a date. They always aimed at shy, introverted, or people who are just unable to meet with others to form mutual bonds.

So in this weird and uncertain time, it doesn’t seem so strange that more and more people are turning their attention towards these kinds of dating websites. It doesn’t take great dating advice to understand that a long term relationship can rely on sharing common interests. Hence, we’d recommend you use virtual date apps to avoid feeling lonely for now.

Cookin’ and Hookin’

Since we’ve established that it’s not safe to go out, hug, kiss, or have sex with other people, allow us to give you some neat ideas for video dating. After all, there’s so much we can do together while safe at our homes. Therefore, check this idea out!

It’s no secret that both men and women love great food, so can we somehow mix this with internet dating? Well, certainly! Consider cooking together while on video chat, or prepare food before you contact each other, and enjoy eating together. Food is a great conversation starter for most people, so why not use it in a situation like this?

Meeting at a nice restaurant is dating 101, but since it’s not safe or most places aren’t open during the lockdown, make food at home. Share recipes, talk about different cuisines you enjoy, and find out more about each other. It’s surprising how much fun it can be. So, talk about it, you won’t regret this!

Watch Netflix Together

In case you’ve been quarantining these past few weeks, we’re certain you binge-watched some series by now. Whether you use Netflix or some other streaming service, they’re full of great content you can enjoy. So if we love movies and series in normal times, why can’t we Netflix together and chill?

Find out more about your potential partner through movies and series they like. It’s a great way of connecting over similar interests, we’d say. In different circumstances, we’d give you the good old go-to-the-movies piece of dating advice. But since we’re facing a global pandemic, stay at home and stream the hell out of your favorite series!

Pick a Nice Background for Your Video Calls

It might seem unimportant, but decorating your room in an unusual way can easily attract others you’ll come in contact with. Spending time with a stranger online doesn’t exactly say cool aesthetics are guaranteed. Luckily, you don’t have to be an interior designer or some other visual artist — you just need a bit of creativity to capture their attention (RELATED: Secrets To Capturing A Man’s Attention).

For instance, you can use a green screen background and incorporate visually rich content from the internet. It’s simple — just use some clear green cloth you can order online, and most video-call apps will recognize it. You don’t have to be tech wiz when it comes to digital backgrounds.

On the other hand, if you’re just not up for it, use your imagination. We’re fairly certain you can find some cool and quirky objects around your house and place them behind you. Moreover, it can help give out an impression on your potential partner.

Sometimes the show-don’t-tell technique is far more appreciated than explaining everything. Let your date become curious about you and your interest via your background. And once you start chatting long enough, implement something both of you like behind you. It’ll show your collocutor you care about your new virtual connection.

How About When We Can Finally Go Out?

Since the whole world is still under heavy fire from the virus, we can only speculate what happens next. Free dating will exist; there’s no doubt about it. But will the world still be the same? We can’t say. The only safe bet is to participate in online dating until doctors and scientists say the opposite.

Whether a vaccine will come and save us all or build herd immunity, life will resume at some point. Maybe most of us will find both working and dating from home more comforting, who can tell? Until Covid-19 freely roams from host to host, our only recommendation is to stay put, watch Netflix, cook, and decorate your video call backgrounds.

It’s time we started to appreciate all of the things we took for granted before the pandemic. Slow but safe steps towards normality will occur. Therefore, we should listen to what the professionals say before endangering our communities and us.

Stay safe and love online. We’re all gonna make it!