What’s the best way to get your rocks off and try some kinky stuff while still respecting the safety concerns of the current pandemic? Is it safe to exchange hot text messages, try cybersex via video, or attempt any other naughty online adventures? Check out the truth below!

The Short Answer Is Yes!

With so many restrictions and health concerns due to COVID-19, sex is definitely not the priority to the general public. In fact, you probably know that health experts have advised us to maximize social distancing. Unfortunately, sex with strangers is highly risky! So it makes sense that our sexual activities are moving online. It’s absolutely advisable to seek out some video sex! That includes sending sexts, engaging in video chats with sexually explicit content, etc.

We can’t think of a reason why you wouldn’t try to meet strangers online or try some online dating from a distance. Surely, it could sound weird to some people, but if it’s the only way, you shouldn’t deny yourself the pleasure.

Still, there are a few safety concerns about online sex. One of them is to always do it consensually with adults and avoid young people. As long as there’s no blackmail or forced sex, you’ll be good to go.

Online Safety

So what are some other bad things that can happen during video sex?

Obviously, we would advise you not to start a call with the first guy or girl you encounter and take your clothes off right away. You could meet some scammers or have your identity exposed. Thus, get to know the person first via safe sexting. Ask for verification of their identity/intentions. Then, watch out for bots or anything shady. After that, look out for hackers. They could get into your device and steal your financial information. A good sexting safety tip is to use phones because computers are more likely to be hacked.

Additionally, if you get permission to store someone’s photos or videos, it’s better to save them on the cloud as opposed to your device. Another tip is to only use recommended sites. That is, avoid the dodgy ones that promise quick and free sex or offer photos/HD video of ridiculously good-looking models or hot teens.

With any website, you should use a strong password that is completely different from your standard choices. The same goes for your username/email choices. Just use something that can’t disclose your full identity. Also, you can always hide your face on the camera or cover up any identifying features.

Choose a Good Platform

Like we’ve said, it’s best to use reputable sites. The only way to stay safe here is to look up reviews of platforms and check what’s happening on those sites.

In the worst case, you could install an iOS or Android app or software that could steal your content if you send nudes or videos. Then, that platform could upload or sell it to amateur porn sites. During the pandemic, some of the best sites for quarantine sex are those that you probably already use today. That includes Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc. Yet, they do not guarantee your safety.

While those social giants are much safer than others, you could also find strangers who could, for instance, try to arrange fake cam dates in exchange for money. Others could screenshot your content. Most platforms will not give you a notification or other warnings about this. Then, they could upload your sexual images somewhere else and use them for revenge porn.

You can also try other apps like Zoom, Houseparty, Skype, or FaceTime. An extra way to stay safe is to visit platforms for encrypted messages like Confide or Wickr. They are a neat option for cybersex as they can protect the sexual messages that you send or receive. That way, the other user can’t download them, and the files can delete themselves after some time.

Make Sure You Trust the Person

Before you think about trust, try to imagine what you’re looking for. Is your date only going to be about masturbating online, using sex toys, talking dirty, and never seeing the other person again? Or do you want to make a romantic connection and meet someone new?

In both instances, you could meet liars and scammers. Quite honestly, most people could tell you small lies online. They could lie about their social status and money; they could exaggerate their penis size or lie about their ongoing marriage. Some small lies should be okay because all of us use them from time to time to impress people. 

However, you’ll need to know where to draw the line. For example, you could meet a married man who might lie about his relationship. His spouse could find out and hold you responsible for their divorce.

If you’re meeting strangers, there’s simply no way of knowing what they’re really like until you see them face-to-face. However, you can follow some pointers to make sure the person is trustworthy.

As stated, if you’re chatting, your date’s writing style should sound natural and human-like. There are lots of automated bots out there that could seem like the real thing while they’re actually not. Also, if you’re heading straight into video chat (which you shouldn’t), ask the person for some form of verification. Some scammers can use pre-recorded videos of themselves or other people only to have you take your clothes off and film you naked.

Be Mindful of Your Surroundings

Regarding your online sex surroundings, keep them as anonymous as possible. Scammers can learn a lot about you if you keep some personal items and documents in the background during your webcam session.

So put away any IDs, addresses, family photos, or other important documents. This doesn’t apply only to scammers — it’s not uncommon to meet psychos who could somehow find your address and come over to stalk you. Of course, this is one of the worst outcomes. If you’re careful and you simply wiggle some stuff around, it’s easy to protect your surroundings/background. Also, remember what we’ve said about protecting your identity. If you don’t want to show your face, you can use a kinky eye mask, and it could make the experience even hotter.

That’s It!

Now that we’ve shown you how to have safe sex during the pandemic, get out there and cyber-bang some hotties online!