Most people spend a lot of time thinking about new ways that could help them become more attractive. However, we tend to overlook the fact that attraction occurs on a mental level. We turn towards improving our physical traits and our looks without ever really considering the mental effort that goes into meeting someone new.

Fortunately, attractive men and women share some common psychological traits. You can learn about them and mimic them to be more attractive and achieve greater success while dating. Check out our guide on psychological tricks that will make you more charismatic than ever!

The Law of Attraction

When it comes to dating hacks, the first thing you should focus on is the Law of Attraction. This concept has soared in popularity in the past few decades. However, some people are still struggling to understand it fully. So what is it?

Well, the Law of Attraction states that your desires and wishes are already available to you. Yet, the only thing that’s blocking you from receiving everything you desire is self-sabotage.

According to the concept, you should stop any self-sabotage and focus on attracting your desires. Then, you must become available to everything that the universe is offering. With positive thoughts, you can draw in a lot of positive energy as well as new experiences or opportunities.

To use this concept in dating, you have to consider your goals. Take on a positive attitude and eliminate negativity that was perhaps caused by past experiences. When you start to yearn for romance and manifest your desires positively, the chances are that you will attract your dream partner!

Don’t Be Boring

Even if you’re a jacked stud or an exotic top model, you must know that looks aren’t everything. You could be the hottest person on the planet but fail to attract people if you seem uninterested or boring.

Countless studies have shown that our minds have an incredibly weak attention span. That means that we are wired to only focus on something (i.e., an action-packed movie) that quickly grabs our attention. The same thing applies to dating.

Being interesting and worthy of someone’s attention is equally and if not more important than your appearance. People crave mental stimulation constantly. Thus, you won’t have a chance with someone new if they consider you to be dull.

So how can you avoid that? Well, avoid sticking to social norms, scripts, and pointless small talk. However, that may be easier said than done. Indeed, we are actually hard-wired to play it safe when leaving the first impression.

First Impressions Really Last

Interestingly, research has shown that the spark we refer to as attraction occurs only in the initial thirty seconds after meeting someone new. That’s why it’s incredibly easy to blow your shot with someone and come off as annoying or boring.

What’s more, researchers have also managed to pinpoint why many people struggle with first impressions. The main culprit is, of course, the fear of sticking out and not fitting in. It’s the reason why many people appear to be mind-numbingly awkward during the first encounter.

In a nutshell, we stick to lifeless social scripts. Most of the time, we tend to use repetitive small talk to play things safe while meeting new people. That way, we avoid the risk of acting “weird” or “unusual.”

Fortunately, it’s quite easy to forget about all that. To become more attractive, focus on your quirky traits. What are the most spellbinding things about you? What are your favorite hobbies that can make you stand out?

When you meet someone new, talk about what makes you unique as opposed to “normal” traits that make you fit in. That way, you’ll avoid uncomfortable small talk. You’ll also establish a meaningful connection quickly. The same goes for your potential mate — you have to pay attention to them and learn what makes them tick.

Finally, if you’re afraid to talk about yourself and your interests, the problem may not lie within you. If your date doesn’t appreciate your unique personality, simply move on and find someone else who will.

Be Available

It may come as a surprise, but availability is one of the traits that people are attracted to the most. Showing it to the people you are interested in is essential. Even if someone may think that they’re coming off as available, the other person may not know it.

People often select their partners based on their physical and emotional availability levels when it comes to dating. Usually, that includes short-term sex, medium or selective availability, and long-term potential. Regardless of your preference, your indecision and inability to communicate your availability could make you come off as unattractive.

Essentially, it’s unwise to presume that your date or a person you’re flirting with will automatically know that you’re ready for sex or a relationship. You have to show active availability. That could include telling people about the reasons why you are interested in them. You could tell them what you are looking for and what you are hoping to achieve. Try this tip, and you’ll see how quickly you can spark someone’s curiosity and interest in you.

Proper Body language

Another way to show someone that you’re ready for sizzling passion is to use non-verbal cues and body language.

Many studies show that body language is much more important than your clothes, physique, and styling. You can use it to show self-confidence, availability, and to create stimulating physical attractiveness while flirting. Sure, other tips like wearing red and trimming your facial hair will make you look good. However, if you don’t have a strong body language, you could ruin your chances.

If you use closed body language, the other person will instantly know that you are mentally and physically unavailable. Some examples of this are crossed arms, fiddling with your wallet or purse, constantly looking at your phone, etc. But, if you keep a straight posture and an open torso, make free movements and use plenty of stimulating hand gestures, you will come off as determined and attractive. Head tilts, eye contact, and physical touching are a plus. They can show the other person that you’re listening and that you’re available.


Lastly, if you wish to know how to become more attractive, you have to put in the time. Practice the tips and tricks we’ve mentioned and keep a positive attitude. Remember that even with all these dating hacks, you’ll never know what your next encounter will be like. But our tips will definitely increase your chances! So get out there and good luck!