Are you experiencing the pre-first-date jitters? Don’t worry — we’re coming to the rescue!

You don’t need to be a relationship expert to execute a great date, but sometimes our nerves get the best of us. These tips will make sure your first date is smooth sailing.

Plan Ahead

Planning a date can sometimes be a challenge, especially if you’re trying to do it yourself.

If this is your first time going out with someone, it can be nerve-wracking. That’s why it helps to plan the date together. It’s okay to ask the other person where they’d like to go. You’re not supposed to know those things magically.

You can also ask what their perfect day would look like. Don’t feel like you have to make it all happen, though — sometimes, it just isn’t possible. However, gathering information like that is usually of great help. To ensure a great first date, both parties should have fun. So try to plan the day around your shared interests.

If you’re a guy, there might be a bit more pressure on you to figure out. You have to be able to make your own decisions and lead. Still, that doesn’t mean you can’t have some help.

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Clean and Groom Yourself

This one is obvious, but make sure you’ll look your very best.

It’s not entirely true that looks don’t matter. How you present yourself is the first thing that catches someone’s eye. From that point, they decide whether to approach you or not. Having your date secured doesn’t mean you can show up looking like a mess. Put some effort into it.

Looking good is a great confidence booster. However, make sure you feel comfortable too. Don’t wear something that will make you act stiff. Being comfortable ensures you’ll be able to have a good time.

You can also choose to do your makeup and hair. Depending on where the date will take place, make sure it’s all appropriate. Men can also do their hair and dress up nicely. Shows you care about the other person liking you.

Being clean will send a message that you care about yourself too.

Stop Using Your Phone

You don’t need to be a dating expert to know this one. Please stop using your phone.

When you go out, you want to make sure you’re present. Listen to what your date is talking about. You don’t need to check social media, and you don’t need to respond to a text (unless it’s an emergency).

The whole point of a date is to spend time together. You not being engaged can be a big red flag. Pay attention to the person in front of you, and it’s guaranteed to be a success. You can also switch your phone off, or put it on silent in case it’s distracting.

If you want it on to feel safe, make sure you’re not checking it every five minutes.

Choose the Perfect Place

A date can have more than one element to it. You can go to both movies and a restaurant. Here’s how to pick the perfect place.

First, it’s essential to keep in mind what the other person likes. Are they a coffee person? Pick a cute coffee shop. Do they like specific types of foods? Choose a restaurant that serves it. However, don’t forget about yourself — don’t go somewhere if you don’t enjoy it.

You have to be able to be comfortable while you talk and get to know each other. Also, decide on food that is easy to eat. Why? You don’t want to focus on it too much. The focus should be on your date. Learning to hold chopsticks because your partner likes Asian food can be a little distracting.

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Discussing this with your date is helpful too. Make sure everyone involved is on board and in agreement.

Do Some Fun Activities

This part of the date can be planned but doesn’t need to be. It doesn’t hurt to be a little spontaneous too.

Fun activities can be anything you want, really — it all revolves around knowing the other person’s interests. Make sure it’s something you can do together, though. Randomly coming across a theme park calls for a fun, spontaneous, visit. Or you can go to a cooking class.

These activities can include riding a bike, too. It doesn’t need to be anything fancy. The simpler you think, the easier it will be for you to plan your date. That will make for an effortless execution as well.

What matters is having a great time. What you do doesn’t really matter as long as you’re together.

Be Prepared for Whatever Happens

Making sure you’re mentally ready for whatever may happen is crucial. Lots of things can go right. Or wrong.

The worst thing that can happen is you find out the date is not going great. Maybe you’re just not that right for each other. At least not as much as you had previously thought. So now you find yourself powering through the date. You’re sure you never want to see the other person again.

However, if everything goes well, your date can end with sex. You have to make sure you’re ready for that too. What does that mean? First and foremost, make sure you have condoms on hand. Practicing safe sex is very important. Have a place you can go to to do the deed too.

Make sure you let them stay overnight — nobody likes being kicked out after sex. It sends a very wrong message that sex was all you wanted.

Ask for a Second Date

So if all goes well, whether it ends with sex or not, don’t be afraid to ask for a second date.

The best dating advice we can give you is going for it. Make sure your date knows you’re interested. It doesn’t hurt to call or text them afterward and say you’ve had a great time. Trust us when we say that you’ll know if everything went well.

If you’re still unsure, watch for their body language. Ask how they thought the date went. All those little things can help you make the decision. It doesn’t need to be a date — ask for a casual hang-out. After that, you’ll be even more sure about an actual second date.


Going on a first date can have you feeling nervous. There’s no need for that — just follow our dating tips, and you’ll be all set.

Whether this is a Tinder date, a hook-up, or a good old let’s-go-get-ice cream date, ensure your safety first. Let someone know where you’re going and just have fun.