Is online dating during the pandemic even possible? What can people do if they are single and would like to meet someone new? There are a couple of things that might help you during this difficult time, and they might make it easier for you and your potential partner.

Online Dating Before the Pandemic

The rules of dating have changed a lot in the past couple of months due to the global pandemic. Many countries have strict laws to fight the coronavirus, and this means that dating has suffered a huge blow. Before the virus appeared last year, everything seemed a lot simpler.

There are numerous apps like Tinder and Bumble, where people could chat and get to know more about each other. A lot of people used the apps we mentioned (and numerous similar ones) to find a date. Once they understand more about each other, and if they believed that there was space for things to move on to the next level, they would proceed to have an in-person date.

Since there was no need for social distancing, the only thing they had to worry about was whether they liked their date. The same process applied to any other dating app as well. The couple would talk for a while before they would decide meeting in person was the right thing to do.

Some claim that these online relationships will rarely work. Firstly, the couple starts talking based on their profile pictures, and a relationship based on physical appearance is not something you’d expect to last. Only half of Americans believe that relationships in which a couple has met on a dating app is equally successful as the one where they found each other in real life.

Of course, someone’s belief won’t be able to change reality, and the success rate is based on individual choices. Yes, we know that many people lie on dating apps, but they would be able to lie in person as well.

Online Dating During the Pandemic

Thanks to the Coronavirus pandemic, it is nearly impossible for you to meet anyone new. Many countries are issuing stay at home orders, and it’s not easy to find a club or a restaurant where you’d be able to talk to someone. Even if you did, it wouldn’t be the smart thing to do.

Ignoring restrictions and behaving like nothing wrong is happening is the opposite of smart. All of us should stick to the measures and hope that we will overcome this pandemic soon.

However, what this means is that people who are single will have a hard time finding a date. So the only thing left for them to do is to try online dating apps. Since almost everyone has been stuck at home during the last few months, there are more users online. As a result, you might have higher chances of finding a potential match.

So you’re wondering how to have online dating. How does it work today? Well, the first part is mainly the same. You will start talking to your potential date, and you will get to know more about each other. If you like each other, you can always try out video dating, where you would talk to them via video call. Needless to say, video chats are not used to show people you pee-pee (unless they really want to see it).

The main problem is in the next part. Since most countries have strict rules, the best-case scenario would be to wear a mask on a date. However, that isn’t the safest option. You might want to consider going on a couple of virtual dates before it’s safe for you to meet in person.

How to Make Online Dating More Successful

The first thing you need to do is find an appropriate app. Some are known to be places for people to hook up, and you might have a challenging time finding your soulmate there. Similarly, there are apps designed for people who are looking for a same-sex relationship, so you might want to consider which platform is perfect for you.

When it comes to your profile, you should be honest. Online dating shouldn’t be different from face to face dating, and you won’t achieve anything by lying to another person. Write an “about me” part and let your friend or family member read it. They will tell you if you are going too far or stating things that are not true. Our friends can be more objective than us, for obvious reasons.

Post a photo of yourself where the other person can see you fully, which means no dick pics. When you are looking at other profiles, always check those that have similar photos, and remember that you have every right to ask for more photos as long as they are appropriate. It is not rare to hear about scammers on dating apps, and both you and your potential partner will want to avoid that.

That’s it. Honesty is key; it’s the number one rule dating experts recommend, and it will get you far. Even if the person doesn’t like you, it’s always better to end things before they start if you are not a good match.

What’s Next?

What’s next is a major problem during the pandemic because no one knows the answer. The primary thing you need to consider is what kind of restrictions your country has imposed. If you are not allowed to go outside, meeting at a restaurant is not an option.

This is why we suggest having a virtual date, talking on the phone, video calls, or anything else that will help you feel like you are on a real date. Chatting with someone can help you only to a certain extent. After that, you might want to try to take it to the next level, which is a video call (unfortunately).

Until the situation is better and safer for you to date, it might be best to postpone real dates. There will be enough time for that. For now, you should focus on staying safe and being healthy.