Ever since the mid-90s, the world has changed forever. The dawn of the digital age gave us the internet and made long-distance interaction a possibility for everyone around the globe. Thanks to that change, the way people date and hook up changed too. From video chat rooms to social media platforms, people can connect without having to be in front of each other.

This physical distance allows us to take things less seriously and not feel uncomfortable while talking to others. However, how does this concept apply to transgender people? Do they use the same apps as everyone? Our article aims to explore the world of trans online dating. Hence, read on to understand how safe and effective it is in real life.

The Dating Scene for Transgender People

It’s no secret that the LGBTQ+ community doesn’t have it as easy as straight people. No matter where you live, some sort of discrimination exists. Although we’ve come a long way since the late 1960s Stonewall riots, there’s still so much to do to improve equality in all aspects of life. However, being trans seems the hardest.

Looking for love was never easy, no matter what your sexual orientation or gender identity is. The hardship of love and desire is such a staple of human existence that it’s been a recurring theme of so many works of art for centuries. If you add to being transgender, it’s like you almost multiply it by a hundred. Why is that?

Numerous studies show that more than a quarter of trans people experience some sort of harassment during their life. Even in Western countries that boast about how open and liberal towards minorities they are, this community still feels like outcasts. As such, simple dating and hooking up sometimes seem like impossible tasks.

However, with the use of modern technology, finding love isn’t as hard as it once was. The safety aspect of chatting with a stranger from the comfort of your home is one of the reasons why we believe it to be true. However, online dating safety doesn’t solve all their problems. The amount of potential matches is nowhere near desirable.

What Is Transphobia?

What Dating Apps Are Available for Transgender People?

In short, there are numerous dating sites and apps out there. However, the two most popular ones are certainly Tinder and Badoo. They’re rather simple apps that allow you to cross paths with all sorts of men and women who’re looking for love. So how do they work?

Well, you simply make an account with a username (doesn’t have to be real) and upload a couple of photos. You can write a short description to make it easier for others to understand who you are too. Of course, you select whether you’re interested in men, women, or both. All you have to do afterward is accept or ignore profiles that come across your account, depending on your location.

Nevertheless, it seems like the vast majority of people will turn down a trans person on them. But don’t give up because this isn’t the end of the story. There are apps specifically made for trans people and cross-dressers too. Namely, we’re thinking of the Transdr app that’s like Tinder but isn’t full of straight and gay people only.

Dating App Profiles

Like we’ve said, profiles on these digital platforms are easy to set up, and the apps are pretty simple to use. There’s no need for revealing your actual information, like your phone number, address, or real name. These are all things you can disclose with your match once you begin communicating and talking about meeting in person.

Accounts are designed to be deleted when you don’t need them anymore, allowing you control over the information you leave online. Nevertheless, some transgender people who use regular apps like Tinder don’t feel safe with revealing who they are. The thing is, the amount of hate you can come across doesn’t seem worthy of the trouble. It’s a societal issue that translates from real life.

However, using an app like Transdr implies you’re either a trans person yourself or you find them sexually attractive. This makes similar software much more interesting for transgender people and cross-dressers since there’s no transphobic verbal harassment among the users. Still, you can encounter some idiots, but those cases are rare and simply too few to even mention.

Transgender safety is a big issue that needs addressing, no matter where it happens. The cases of online ridicule, information sharing, and similar controversies are still present. Therefore, anonymity and being careful whom you chat with is essential.

Is It Fair and Safe?

Ever since the internet’s entrance into the mainstream, people have been talking about how safe and secure our information is online. It’s still a valid question most of us still don’t know the answer to. Moreover, with all the controversy surrounding big tech companies and user information leaks, it’s paramount we keep this topic afloat. If you add the safety of the LGBTQ+ community to the mix, it makes it even more important.

Although dating apps offer anonymity and physical distance, there are cases of harassment or intentional information leaks. However, you can always block and report an account that’s acting like an idiot or bigot. Nevertheless, meeting in person comes down to you since no one can guarantee safety outside your home. This is the reason why you should always meet up in an open and crowded space for the first time, no matter what.

When it comes to fairness, there’s no doubt that trans people live in a world that is not even close to being fair to them. Heck, even gays and lesbians have better chances of finding a match. You can’t argue that the most popular dating apps aren’t the best possible place for trans people. Hence, we’d suggest checking out those apps that are openly inclusive of your sexual or gender identity.