Lots of people have trouble on first dates, and it’s no wonder because they are often awkward, not to mention nerve-wracking. There are so many things that can go wrong. Just think about all the embarrassing silences and poorly timed or sloppily executed first kisses!

But how can you really know if your date is going well? When is the best time to move to first base and beyond? This article will reveal some essential things about your first date kiss!

It’s OK to Kiss on the First Date

For starters, everyone has different views on what’s acceptable on first dates. Many people even believe that counting your dates before you kiss someone or have sex with them is detrimental and ineffective.

In most cases, it’s completely acceptable to kiss on the first date. Getting intimate in some way is definitely encouraged. It can speed the whole dating process up. Reaching first base can also allow you to get closer to someone quickly.

However, while getting intimate on your first date with someone is not as stigmatized as it used to be, you shouldn’t assume that everyone will want to take you on a dirty ride right away.

It’s certainly OK to kiss, but you should only try it if you know that your date will like it. That’s because many things can go wrong. For instance, people can move in too quickly when their date is not expecting it. Then, the kiss could feel awkward and forced.

Also, you could be nervous and miss the right moment. Then, your date could think that you’re not into them. What’s more, lots of people can make the mistake of moving in for a sloppy and slobbering French kiss too quickly. That’s something that will traumatize your date, and you should surely avoid it.

Cozying Up

If you’re having a good time with someone, and you hit it off, you can expect some intimacy to happen. If the date feels good and the other person is flirty and appears to be having fun with you, there’s no reason not to move things along.

However, you’ll need to know how to recognize if your date is really into you. Some obvious signs are flirty body language with lots of touching and eye contact. Also, are you constantly communicating, and your conversation has a great flow? That’s certainly a sign that your date is cozying up to you! One way to get the ball rolling here is to be confident. You should be respectable, friendly, and courteous. Dating coaches believe that it’s possible to test the waters a bit. So try moving closer to your date. Lightly touch them on their arms, knees, or back while you’re talking.

What’s more, see if your female date plays with her hair, smiles, and blushes frequently. Also, if she often licks her lips, she’s totally deciding to kiss you.

When you know that your date is feeling comfortable and enjoying your company, you can think about getting intimate. However, if your date is not showing any sign of interest, it may be better to move on. If the person is shy, you could try to slow things down a bit. For example, take them to a place where they feel the most comfortable.

The Signs That Says She’s Ready

We’ve already said that blushing and licking the lips is a clear sign that she’s ready. However, there are many others that you will be able to spot.

One of the best ways to tell if she’s down for romance is to keep track of time. Is she relaxed and not worried about time? Or is she anxious to leave?

If your date seems to stretch out the time and take things slowly, that’s a clear giveaway. She’s truly into you! It can also suggest that she wants to extend the date. She may want to hang out somewhere else with you afterward.

What’s more, personal questions and a lot of teasing are both great signs. If your date makes an effort to act playfully and impress you, it’s a sign that she’s cozying up. It reveals that your date wants to get to know you better. Also, if she consciously acts sexy and uses her body language and eye contact while you chat, it’s a green light. She’s definitely looking for a goodnight kiss or more.

In case you can’t see all of those signs clearly, don’t worry. There’s another way to test your date. It involves some body language and flirting techniques. Try to move in and use light touching or teasing. You can use her watch, earrings, hair, or skin as an excuse. Touch her and see how she responds. Also, you can try a few deep but subtle stares along with a few compliments. Another way to tell is to check if she’s mirroring your movements. This instantly means that she is subconsciously trying to get closer to you.

The Right Timing

Before you get to the actual kissing, consider your timing. We’ve already said that you can ruin your date with poor timing. So when should you kiss your date?

Well, if everything is going well and you notice some of the signs outlined above, you can kiss anytime and anywhere. Still, it will only work as long as it’s reciprocated and wanted. Many people make the mistake of not asking. However, it’s not at all embarrassing to ask for a kiss. It could even help you because you’ll instantly know how your date feels.

Usually, the first kiss happens at the end of a date. It can be short or long, and many people will not go for a French kiss straight away. If you can’t figure out the right time, there are a few tricks.

Firstly, you can lean in. Tilt your head towards your date while making eye contact. If she responds in the same way without speaking, it’s time to proceed. Moreover, people can give verbal hints that they want to be kissed. If your date mentions kissing a few times and constantly talks about it, it’s certainly time for some hot lip action.

In the end, a kiss will also give you a clue as to what happens next. If it’s a good night kiss, you may get an invitation to get inside your date’s house and take things even further.

Final Thoughts

Lastly, it’s important to have a great time and not focus too much on what you should or shouldn’t do. Simply go with the flow. If your date likes you, you’ll totally know it right away. Still, our dating tips will certainly get you closer to that first kiss and maybe even into your date’s bed. Good luck!