Third base can be a hot and naughty stage in sex during which you can experiment with all kinds of foreplay. During third base, you make your girl extremely horny before penetration, or you can even get an unforgettable blowjob. But is it possible to reach it on the first or second date? Here’s how you can get to third base safely and quickly!

Be a Gentleman

Firstly, while most men would love to hit home runs with women right from the get-go, it’s highly unlikely that this will happen to any average Joe. There are many layers to dating and intimacy, and good old penis-in-orifice sex is only a part of it.

Taking it slow while you’re on a date or trying to hook up is something that most dating experts will recommend. However, one way to speed things up and get some action on the first date is to simply be a gentleman.

So behave in a respectful, honest, relaxed, confident, engaging, and polite manner. Also, make sure that you look great and smell good. A true gentleman’s self-awareness and confidence go a long way with women (in more ways than one!). This will quickly give you the upper hand if you want to gain trust from women.

Additionally, being a gentleman also requires you to be courteous. Even if you know that your date is on the prowl for a naughty hookup, treating her like a sex doll is probably not a good idea. If you’re a gentleman, your confidence and tasteful behavior will stimulate women mentally. That means you’ll be able to make girls horny before you even get to any of the bases.

Read Her Body Language and Ask for a Kiss

Of course, the best way to start is to leave a great first impression. You should always focus on making your date feel comfortable and safe. Guys that act like bad boys or behave like complete tools are usually the ones to go home alone first.

So try to build comfort first before asking for a kiss. You’ll easily be able to tell if your girl feels safe with you with a few body language signs. If she lets you into her personal space and uses her body to flirt with you, you’re definitely getting somewhere. What’s more, look for flirty body language, open gestures, and passionate eye contact.

Also, flirty conversation and playful touching are obvious signs that she’s into you. However, you’ll need to know when to stop playing. Simply start with an innocent kiss. If you’re unsure and if the moment doesn’t feel right, ask her for one.

In some instances, there’s no shame in discussing how important it is to ask for permission. It will show that you’re respectful and kind. Plus, it will clue you in on how far she is willing to go with you. After a short kiss, try some French kissing. If all goes well, you’ll be well into first base, and things will heat up quite quickly.

Going to Third Base

Once you reach the second base, it will be incredibly easy to move to the third. In the second base, women love to be teased with some breast play and light touches around the clitoris. You could try to undress her and get her to tease you with her hands. Remember, foreplay is the way to go if you want to make a woman incredibly horny. That’s why it’s best to go slowly but surely.

So get your hands moving and explore some of her erogenous zones. That way, you’ll see what she enjoys the most. At this stage, guys shouldn’t hesitate to ask women about what feels good to them and if it’s okay to move forward. If your girl responds positively, you can slowly move to third base. Typically, that includes sexual activities like fingering and oral sex. It can also involve the use of sex toys, dirty talk, and even kinky anal play.

Still, getting to this naughty stage in sex will not be the same for everyone. Some women may not like the sensation of fingering or cunnilingus. Others could require a bit more time to get turned on enough so that third base feels great. And if you’re lucky, some girls will get hornier by giving blowjobs instead of receiving oral sex.

Playing Nice Pays Dividends

Third base has an awfully broad definition since there are lots of pleasurable things that you can try before penetrative sex. However, that will truly depend on the girl you’re with and the way she responds to you. Also, men will need some stamina and self-control. If you want to go past third base, take it easy and try not to cum during a hand job or BJ, no matter how great it feels.

What’s more, another way to get closer to the home run is to make girls feel that they’re in control. That will make them more open and receptive to penetrative sex. The biggest mistake men can make during third base is to act too dominant and not ask for consent. Third base is a fantastic stage in which both of you can explore your bodies, so giving women control will make them feel comfortable.


If you follow our tips, you’ll certainly be able to get to third base quickly within a date or two and then move on to the home run. However, remember that sex is not always about the end goal. If you focus on the whole experience, third base will feel incredibly intense, passionate, and arousing! So try our tips out on your next date and have fun!