Let’s begin by figuring out what are the sleeves for the anus. These are small cone-shaped products on a broad basis for insertion into the anus. Unlike serious devices designed for sophisticated adherents of unconventional sex, corks are universal, suitable for both beginners and experienced anal lovers.

This is both male and female sex toy – there is no difference: everyone has the same anus, and both partners can enjoy the caresses of the back hole. Sensitivity is acutely increased in the walls of the rectum, and their stimulation is a source of incredibly pleasant sensations.

What are anal plugs for? They are used in different ways:

To prepare the anus for sexual contact: At first, your anal sex experience can rarely be managed to avoid discomfort. When the penis has penetrated the anus, the sphincter muscles reflexively contract, and instead of receiving pleasure, the partner experiences pain. If, during the prelude, a cone-shaped cork is inserted into the anus, the body will become accustomed to a foreign object in the rectum and will no longer resist invasion. Preparing the anus for the reception of a large penis is better than just forcing it.

To create a double penetration effect: Additional stimulation during vaginal contact will not hurt anyone. The subject, introduced into the female ass, enhances the feelings of both partners. With classic sex it is not always possible to stimulate the most sensitive posterior vaginal wall. The filled rectum constricts the muscles of the vagina just in the place of the greatest concentration of nerve endings, giving the woman an unforgettable sexual pleasure. Not everyone is ready for it, but the anal plug is available to any couple if they want to prepare for it. For narrowing the vagina, elongated plugs that mimic the small penis and drop-shaped toys are suitable. At the same time, when the partner enters the tight vagina and feels a hard bulge inside, it would feel like something is massaging the penis which is beneficial to both.

To stimulate the prostate: The prostate gland in men is one of the most sensitive erogenous zones. That is why some men like anal massage and petting so much. The best way to prevent and treat prostate diseases is to regularly massage it through the anus. For these purposes, it is better to use an anatomically curved stimulator that exerts pressure directly on the gland. There are special anal plugs for wearing, which alternately reinforce, then reduce the effect on the prostate during movement.

However, if what you want is something involving with semen volume rather than a healthy prostate, chastity cage is the perfect tool for you because these cock cages improve semen volume.

For use in intimate games: Role accessories for animal play with tails of various animals are a great opportunity to experience new sensations. For example, a cork with a fluffy fox tail will allow you to play and realize your wildest fantasies, by preparing your ass for sex or by imitating double penetration.

And now the question: why do you need a butt plug if you can insert any suitable object in the ass and get the same effect? You can insert it, but retrieving it – not always. Having fallen into the rectum, your thing runs the risk of becoming an “exhibit” in the office of the proctologist, who will surely ask you how and why you put it in there. It’s not joke that foreign things can get stuck in your anus, not to mention the fact that it is extremely traumatic.

For anal toys, there must be a special stopper that won’t allow the product to slip deep inside. Do not insert things that are not adapted for this, the same apply to sex products for vaginal use. We will tackle safety and proper handling of these sex toys below.

Rules for the use of anal stimulants

You cannot just take anything and insert it in to your anus. Without preparation, it can cause discomfort. But, how do you avoid these? Make sure to follow these recommendations on how to use the anal plug:

  • Start with intimate hygiene. Take this seriously, so as not to spoil the impression of unconventional caresses. Needless to say, the rectum must be emptied and cleaned with an enema or anal shower.
  • Before each use and after application, wash the toy with warm soapy water or treat it with a special disinfectant.
  • The butt plug must be generously lubricated. Do not forget that the rectum is not originally intended for sex, and there is not enough mucus in it to slip something smoothly. Use special water-based or silicone-based lubricants, depending on the material of the toy being injected. Creams, oils, petroleum jelly with anal stimulants cannot be used, so as not to damage the product.
  • Maximum relaxation of the muscles of the anus and the whole body. Erotic massage, vaginal sex, oral sex will help. In the excited state, the plug is easier and more pleasant to insert. When using for the first time, it is advisable to do it yourself to better control the administration. And after getting used to it, you can entrust such a responsible mission to a partner.
  • Do not try to immediately insert a large plug. For starters, it is better to choose a smaller size plug, and gradually achieve sphincter expansion for painless anal sex.

As a rule, relax for 10 – 15 minutes, after which the discomfort would disappears and you can then continue.

Varieties of butt plugs

Given the huge range of anal toys, it is easy to get confused: But let us shed some light when it comes to size, materials and design.

  • Size- This will depend on the type of anal plug. Typically, you can pick from small, medium, large or even extra large butt plugs. Of course, the sensation will depend on the size that you choose.
  • Shape – The shape also contributes to how it would feel inside your anus. Make sure to pay attention to the details of the product when buying one.
  • Material – butt plugs may be made of plastic, silicone, glass, or metal plugs. Always choose the one that would make you feel more comfortable and will give you more pleasure.
  • Design – from simple minimalistic sleeves to beautiful toys with rhinestones, fur, jewelry crystals; It is interesting to know that jeweled butt plugs are the famous plugs in South Africa.
  • Feature – You can choose from very simple, vibrating, and even plugs that can be controlled by a remote.

Despite numerous types of anal plugs, each is designed for its own purposes. When choosing, be guided by your desires and experiences:

  • Beginners better dwell on classic smooth plugs of small size. The most comfortable for beginners’ products are the ones made of latex, silicone, gel, which have a pleasant velvety surface and can quickly match your body temperature.
  • For more experienced users, the medium-sized butt plug is the way to go. There are also plugs that have a ribbed surface, protrusions, or made from solid materials like metal or glass.
  • Advanced lovers of anal sex can opt for large bushings of different shapes and sizes. While Inflatable plugs are the best if you want to prepare your ass for hard anal sex and fisting.
  • Prostate massagers have a special bend and shape that make it comfortable for wearing one for a the whole day.
  • Decorative corks are good for body decoration. Accessories with rhinestones and jewelry plugs can be a spicy intimate gift for your partner.
  • Suction cup anal toys will help you spend your time alone. Just attach the toy on any surface, and anal masturbation and you can totally go hands-free!
  • Tail plugs are perfect for role play sex especially if pet play is something that you and your partner both enjoy!
  • Vibrating sleeves are the most intelligent and universal anal stimulators. Suitable for men and women, beginners and advanced, couples and those who are a bit lonely. In any case, unforgettable sensations and bright orgasms are guaranteed.

If you yourself do not know what you want, then pay attention to the sets of anal plugs. Several different devices will help you to get to know your body better and learn to give yourself a special pleasure.

Precautions when using anal plugs

Anal sex or masturbation can be both enjoyed by men and women. It allows you to diversify intimate life and enjoy all aspects of human sexuality. However, before your insert a toy in your ass, you should evaluate the benefit and harm of using it for yourself.

Observe all precautionary measures and the use of anal plugs would absolutely be safe. It is necessary to choose only certified products from modern hygienic materials and use toys for their intended purpose.  Intimate toys are products of individual use and preference like some prefer ordinary, jeweled, fury tails and etc. Do not share sex devices with each other, better buy each your own. To find great deals, check this website they’re usually on sale in this off season.

Using butt plugs isn’t just pleasurable for most people — it can also be beneficial for your health! Prostate stimulation can help prevent prostate cancer, relieve pain in case of inflammation, and even improve your erection. And butt plugs are just the perfect sex toys to provide you with anal stimulation that’s both healthy and enjoyable!

How to Hit the Prostate Gland 

Male G-spot exists and is hidden in the front of the rectum. The prostate gland location isn’t that tricky to pinpoint — you just have to insert something inside and move it in the direction of your lower belly. If you’re using your fingers, you’ll feel it as a small bulb of sensitive tissue. And don’t worry; you don’t need to go too deep to reach it!

So once you find it, you can easily stimulate it with your fingers, or even better, with the right toy. Even though most men fear anal play, it can make you reach orgasms you never thought were possible to experience! You can even have an enjoyable sexual experience just by stimulating that area and without ever touching your penis!

But don’t forget to prepare yourself for anal penetration. You should keep your hands and toys clean and use a fair amount of lube. Take small steps and avoid those huge butt plugs that look like medieval torture tools. 

How to Achieve Male Prostate Orgasm and What Does It Feel Like 

As we’ve mentioned before, prostate play can result in breathtaking orgasms. The prostate is a potent erogenous zone, and it’s not a sin to explore the pleasures of its stimulation. Besides, reaching male prostate orgasms would definitely be beneficial for your sex life.

So how to do it properly? Once you get the lube and prepare your toys, you should start by stimulating the area between the testicles and the anus. For that purpose, you can use fingers or a vibrator. The point of this “foreplay” is to get relaxed and comfortable.

Then, you can slowly insert a finger or a smaller toy inside your anus and move it in the direction of your belly button. And if you want a stronger stimulation, you can use a vibrating butt plug or a prostate massager. The combination of a thrusting sensation and vibration would help you reach a higher level of anal pleasure. 

Enjoying anal stimulation isn’t something you should be ashamed of. And doing it with a partner can be even more interesting, especially if you do anal play simultaneously with oral sex! Most men who tried it enjoyed that experience — a lot. 

Can Prostate Massage Therapy Cure Erectile Dysfunction? 

When it comes to butt plugs and prostate health, these toys can help you with different sorts of issues. One of them is erectile dysfunction. The stimulation of this particular area can help you get an erection.

Of course, it won’t work in every case, and sometimes, it’s not enough. But one of the medical purposes of prostate massage is alleviating erectile dysfunction. Since this type of treatment helps you release fluids that have built up in your prostate, it will result in relief of that pressure.  So it’s definitely healthy and can help you with both resolving some health problems and preventing new ones. 

But keep in mind that when you’re doing it for the first time, it’s possible you’ll feel discomfort at first. It’s not a big deal unless it feels painful after a while. In that case, you should stop doing it and give your doctor a visit. But this type of therapy is almost entirely risk-free, and it can be quite pleasurable at the same time!