There’s no doubt we live in a world that’s more than happy to judge people based on how they look instead of who they are. It’s an unfortunate state of affairs, but we have to roll with it regardless. Therefore, our article will aim to help you if you’re wondering how to look more attractive. Along the way, we’ll also give you some dating tips you can use in real life.

From personal hygiene to your body language, we’ll cover everything. Hopefully, by the end of the text, you’ll realize what to change about yourself. Don’t worry — we won’t try and turn you into some superficial guy. We’ll just point out what the majority of people look for in potential partners while flirting.

Maintain Your Teeth

People look for all sorts of little things on others while trying to form their opinion. From facial expressions and characteristics to the way they dress and act, everything plays a role. However, there’s one thing that plays a crucial part. Of course, that’s your smile.

A smile can overpower all other factors. What makes it good and attractive? Well, we’d argue that your teeth are something that makes a difference. Therefore, keeping them clean, white, and shiny is key to having a winning smile. If you think about it, just ask yourself whether you’ve ever seen someone attractive with crooked teeth?

Nope, we didn’t think so. A smile without pearly whites is off-putting, no matter your taste. It’s just a simple fact of life that you’ll need to make sure of before you go looking for a date. Otherwise, you’ll end up looking like some stereotypical villain from a cheap horror movie. So make an appointment with your dentist if you believe your smile isn’t as good as it should be.

Proper Grooming and Haircut

Unfortunately, having great teeth means nothing if you don’t maintain your haircut and facial hair. Your pearly whites can help you only so much. If you disregard the rest, you’re bound to fall short in your quest for good looks. Hence, it’s important to talk about having a clean cut and a stylish beard or mustache if you enjoy facial hair.

Having perfect hair isn’t as easy as it might sound. However, we don’t think you have to have strong and thick hair to leave a good impression on others. The point is to make sure you keep it clean and tidy, no matter how trendy or not it is. You want to show your potential partner that you care about looks and hygiene.

The same goes for your facial hair. In case you didn’t notice, beards and mustaches are making a big comeback. Most guys have some sort of hair on their face, from full-on trucker beards to quirky, hipster mousers. So if you think you can pull it off, try and grow some and see what it looks like. However, don’t forget to maintain it because you don’t want to look like a hobo with some bush of hair on your face.

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Take Care of Your Skin

Unlike before, modern men are more inclined to keep their skin nice and fresh-looking. Although you might think that’s unimportant for macho guys — you’re wrong. Men need to show their face in the best way possible. All sorts of pimples, blackheads, and other nasty buggers can make all the difference between being unattractive and stealing the show with your looks.

Sure, you can’t hide everything, and neither should you. What we mean by this is that if you have scars, moles, or birthmarks — there’s no need to cover them up. However, the things you can change and should change must come under your prowling eye of transformation. So don’t try and act tough like some stupid male stereotype that you’re not because it will lead you nowhere.

Applying skincare products is a perfect way to make sure your skin looks as good as it can. Since nowadays, it’s easy to get hold of creams, oils, and lotions, there’s no reason not to check them out. You can always browse the internet and inform yourself on whether this or that product will suit your skin type. Also, visiting a dermatologist can prove helpful since they’ll give you the best advice on how to manage your skin.


Although we’d never suggest you fake your personality, you should try and make yourself more accessible to the one you find attractive. What we mean by this is to try and explore their habits and attitudes, for example, their taste, sense of humor, and overall views on life. This way, you’ll make sure they notice you and allow you to come closer into their world.

So try and explore what they like and find joy in. The music they like, movies they enjoy, and taste in art, in general, should make a good starting point. Don’t be shy about asking questions as it’s the only proven way to find more information about others. However, don’t be too curious if you sense that they’re not comfortable sharing personal things.

Be Confident

Confidence is key to everything in life. No matter what you’re looking for, carrying yourself the right way should make all doors swing open. Since we’re talking about dating and winning over someone’s heart, you must come off as confident and self-assured. However, this doesn’t mean being self-indulgent because that’s what will make you unattractive in most people’s eyes.

Unfortunately, being confident isn’t easy for all of us. We all have doubts and fears that hold us back. The key is to not let them overshadow who you are. The only real way to solve this problem is to try and be positive about yourself. If that means therapy — go for it. There’s no shame in asking for professional help. After all, it’s their job to help out with mental issues, such as low self-esteem and negative thoughts.

Share Your Secrets

Do you think it’s strange when people find vulnerability attractive? Well, it does seem funny in a way, but there are reasons behind it. Opening yourself to others can be as productive as it can be dangerous. Hence, let’s talk a bit about it in our final chapter of improving your overall impression on others.

To be frank, secrets are everywhere around us. We all have them, and most of us keep them deep down inside. However, that doesn’t mean it’s right. Sharing your feelings and ideas with someone you find attractive can be more than helpful. But how?

Namely, opening yourself up can help make a brand-new bridge between you and that other person. Not only will it help you get something off your chest, but it will also allow them to get to know you better. Sometimes, secrets aren’t bad things you try to hide but stuff you just don’t feel sure about. Hence, we once again come into confidence territory. For more information on how to share secrets, read this

Nevertheless, sharing shouldn’t be offloading. It’s supposed to go step-by-step, allowing the other person to have time to process what you’re dealing with. This way, you’ll also gradually build up your self-esteem and the confidence to live freely without secrecy and fear. We suggest you take this idea seriously as it will help bring you out into the spotlight for others to see.

Final Thoughts

The process of transforming yourself into someone more desirable for women isn’t easy. However, it’s not impossible, and that’s what you should have in mind. Taking care of hygiene and looks is as important as changing the way you behave in their presence. So don’t feel shy to show emotions, to listen and share, and feel good about being who you are.