Deeper, Not Wider: Some Upcoming Changes to the Blog

Wow. This blog is officially six months old.

In less than half a year, we’ve built an email list of 20,000 readers and get hundreds of thousands of readers each month.

How did this blog grow so fast? Well, mostly because I focused on growth.

But now that we’re a decent size, I think it’s time for some changes.

There’s no point in constantly fighting for new readers if I’m losing old ones. Somebody who reads just one of my articles doesn’t benefit too much in the long run. It makes more sense, then, to focus on deepening relationships with existing readers.

To do this, I’m making a few test changes in the coming weeks.

Blog Post Styles

Usually, I spend hours trying to get the “presentation” just right for blog posts. I’ll edit, re-edit and re-re-edit the structure of an article to make it the best it can be.

This is great for getting a post to go viral (and reach lots of people). But it doesn’t help my serious readers—they always read everything I write carefully.

All the time spent on presentation means less time to do other things.

As a result, I have a backlog of ideas that (1) I don’t have the time to write about and (2) are to “nerdy” to resonate with a wide audience.

In the next few weeks, in addition to “regular” articles, I’ll be writing more nerdy stuff to see if you guys like it.

Patreon System Updates

One big goal this year is to make the blog self-sufficient.

This means having everything work without relying on advertising or product sales. This is only possible due to reader support.

The patron system has been great for this.

However, the reward tiers that involve boxes of gifts have been a problem.

Two reasons for this:

  • Anybody can assemble a box of gifts and send it to you
  • Time I spend shopping is less time spent on reading / writing

So, I’ll be making some adjustments to the reward tiers in the coming weeks.

I’ve changed the setup to offer monthly video calls, and I’ll be adding more tiers with reader feedback.

One-On-One Coaching

A lot of people have contacted me acting for help with specific, personal problems.

Until now, two things have kept me away from coaching:

  • Many-to-one philosophy. I thought that writing was the best way to reach as many people as possible. Which is still true. But it’s also a terrible way to establish a conversation with you, the reader.
  • Fear. Coaching puts me directly responsible for the well-being of one person. And I hate letting people down, so there’s a lot of pressure there.

Recently, work with a few people in my private life has convinced me that there’s nothing better than coaching for people who (1) need serious help or (2) want results fast.

And there’s a lot in it for me too, because I find that—aside from books—I learn the most about human nature via deep conversations with people. Helping you with your specific struggles teaches me about how to help everyone else as well.

For the next quarter, I’m trying out a new coaching method of which focuses on giving you the skills to manage yourself.

If interested, send an email to charles {at} marketmeditations {dot} com with the subject line “Online Coaching”.


Hope that gives you some context on what changes will be happening going forward.

Thanks for being a reader, Charles

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