Why I’m Taking a 90% Pay Cut to Write Full-Time

Today, I’m really scared.

It’s January 1, 2017. Today, I made a big decision. For the next year of my life, I’m taking a 90% pay cut to make it as a full-time writer.

First, some background.

Three days ago, I got a message from Benjamin Hardy, one of the top writers on Medium and contributor to Time:

Screen Shot 2017-01-01 at 1.21.00 PM.png

I didn’t know what to think. After all, I’ve only been publishing for a few short months. Suddenly, one of the most successful guys in the business is telling me that I am going to blow up in 2017!

The very next day, I get an email from Chad Grills, editor of The Mission—one of the top 3 publications on Medium, with over 200,000 regular readers:

I saw my friend recommend your latest piece on Asimov… it’s epic!  If you’d ever like to submit your work, I’d be honored to help promote it.

That’s when it hit me—people like what I write.

Why I Write

Writing is a thankless activity.

Just over three months ago, this blog didn’t exist. Yet, since I started, my writing has gone on to reach millions of people.

The secret to my success? I worked my ass off. In these 3 months, I’ve invested over 700 hours into blogging and writing. As a freelancer, 700 hours would have earned me over $30,000 dollars. As a writer, I didn’t even make $300.

I’m happy to take this pay cut. I want to to take this pay cut.


Because I believe in the power of ideas.

The Power of An Idea

In my lifetime, I’ve had exactly three life-changing moments.

I don’t mean life-changing like a new home or a new job. I mean life-changing like the world flips upside down, dumps you on your face and then kicks you while you’re down for extra effect.

One of the three was when my girlfriend—the girl I was going to marry—left me for a one-way ticket to South Korea. I didn’t see it coming at all. That event made me re-evaluate everything I thought I knew about the world.

The other two moments weren’t events at all. They were ideas.

Those two ideas were the reason I decided to quit my 9-5 to become a freelancer. I wanted challenges. I wanted to suffer. I wanted to exist.

Now, two years later, those same ideas are the reason I’m quitting freelancing, taking a 90% pay cut, and becoming a full-time writer.

Without those ideas, I would be a completely different person today. I know exactly how a single idea can completely change someone’s life.

Now I want to share that with other people.

Help Make the Dream Happen

Writing doesn’t pay. That’s okay—I don’t care about money. Last year, I spent less than $15,000 and still managed to launch a blog and travel to 6 different countries.

I want to write because it’s the best way I know to help a lot of people.

With that said, I can’t run a blog on passion alone. It takes 250+ hours of my time and hundreds of dollars each month to keep the blog running. If I want to do this seriously, the blog has to be sustainable.

That’s where YOU come in.

Currently, I have 3 months of savings in the bank. In that time, the blog needs to become sustainable.

There are two ways this can happen:

  1. I drown the blog in ads and products that you don’t need to try and keep the blog afloat.
  2. Readers provide support and, in exchange, I have more time to produce valuable content that improves people’s lives.

I really, really, really don’t want to take the first option.

That’s why I’ve launched a campaign on Patreon. Patreon lets readers provide DIRECT support so I can spend less time trying to sell you stuff you don’t need and more time creating content that improves people’s lives.

A small investment of your time (in the form of a pledge) will let me reach thousands of extra people each month.

In exchange for your support, you’ll get access to unique bonuses such as patron-only content, postcards, books I’ve read and other esoteric goodies.

PLUS, you’ll get the gift of my eternal gratitude. Who can put a price on that?

You can become a patron here.

Thank you for reading,


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