The Myth of Speed Reading: Read Better, Not Faster

myth speed reading

Speed reading is great. It sells a lot of books and blog articles. There’s just one problem. It doesn’t actually work. I’m a skeptic. I am always trying to ask: What is something most people believe that is wrong? There are misconceptions everywhere: in investing (housing prices always go up), in health (saturated fat is bad), and […]

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How to Construct a Monthly Plan

monthly plan

Some of you have asked how I tackle goal-setting. Today also happens to be the first of the month—the day that I do my monthly plan. So here’s a look at the process. Why make a monthly plan? There are two key benefits to a monthly plan: It forces you to think carefully about what […]

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The Completely Legal Guide to Book Pirating

pirate books legally

Last year, I read over 150 books. At retail prices, that many books would have easily cost me over 1000 dollars. Books are knowledge and knowledge is pricess—or so they say. But what if you don’t have the funds? Is pirating the only choice? Not quite. Over the years, I’ve come up with quite a […]

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How to Write a Book: The Strategist’s Approach

how to write a book

I’ve decided. I’m writing a book. Readers of this blog know that—for any big project—I always study major successes and failures first to search for common threads. This project is no exception. I’m not one to weave a random idea into a book, throw it out into the Internet and then pray it sells. Today, […]

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Don’t Pay Me! Why I Work For Free (And You Should Too)

work for free

When I saw Kevin’s message, I did a little happy dance. “I’m emailing you on behalf of the New York Observer…” The New York Observer gets 6 million readers a month.  Kevin was emailing to ask  if he could syndicate one of my pieces for publication.. Of course, I said yes. My article hit the […]

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