How Does Seth Godin Write for His Blog?

Seth Godin is a serial entrepreneur, writer of an army of a bestsellers and a owner of a ridiculously popular blog. When he writes, people read. Better writing is a goal of mine this year, so I’d thought I dig in to see what Seth has to say. Below are some nuggets of wisdom about […]

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How to Work Using a Squat “Desk”

For the last few months, I’ve done most of my work using a squat “desk.” Why not work and get that posture-improving squat volume in at the same time? Before I started, I could hardly squat for 5 minutes at a time. Now, just the other day, I put in 4 hours working from the […]

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Avoid Cognitive Dissonance: Mental Resets and Filtering

Cognitive dissonance is poison for the mind. When faced with conflicting decisions and evidence, our minds can become trapped in an eternal cycle -go left or go right? Instead, we go nowhere at all. We go from rational to emotional and start making errors. High-level thinkers must identify cognitive dissonance and move to counter it. […]

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